Skills pay the bills

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How do you define success for yourself and your children?


That is a question that is always at the back of my mind.


As the pace of change accelerates, that question will only become more important.


I take my role very seriously to prepare my children for what is coming up in their future.


Traditionally, this has been making sure that they go to university so that they get a good education so that they can get a good job.


Well, times have changed and the skills that were once needed 20, 30 years ago are simply not as valuable anymore.


So I have a saying with them “skills pay the bills.”

What type of skills am I teaching my kids?


I'm teaching them digital marketing, sales and investing.


The first two are to help them make the money and the third one is to help them keep, grow and protect their money.


Being a successful father requires an ability to adapt to the changing times.


I do that through teaching my children the skills that will give them the ability to compete in a global marketplace.  

What are you doing to prepare your kids?

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Jay Gabrani

Jay makes an impact raising his three children and empowering Fathers to secure their Family's Financial Future as the founder of Prepared Fathers. He achieves this through his one-on-one and group coaching programs and his daily podcast A Minute with Jay. He is a frequent podcast guest and does a limited number of speaking engagements.



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