Law of value

Financial Preparation

How do you determine your value in the marketplace?


Many people spend their whole lives thinking about how to earn more money…


The solution is quite simple.


The law of value valued dictates that your compensation will rise in directional proportion to the value you provide in your marketplace.


Better said, how do you help people?


The more you help people, the more of an impact you're able to make.


The more money you will earn.

The law of value dictates everything that you should be doing in your business, and if you're a real estate investor, it should dictate the type of houses you buy, the tenants you attract, the joint venture partners you use, and overall the results you get.


How can you help others?


That ultimately determines your value in the marketplace.


The best way to make more money is to care about others and make sure that they are taken care of.   


The rest will flow from there.

What have you done to help others?

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25 February 2019

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