The Law of Humility

Financial Preparation

Have you ever been wronged?


We all have.


The important thing is to move on and let go.


The law of humility dictates that you let go of what was, accept what is and make plans for what will be.


Everyone has incidents in their past that bring about negative emotions.


Maybe it's a relationship that ended poorly.


Maybe it was a financial situation that didn't work out very well for you.


The best advice I can offer based on the law of humility is to let go of any negative emotions.  



You will be at a much better frame of mind if you're able to forgive.


Accept what is. 


It's a lot easier to understand that we don't control everything that goes on in the world.


If you just focus on what you control it's easier to be humble.


When it comes to the future accept and plan for what will be.


This is the part where we have much more control because we can then take many of the steps necessary to achieve our goals.


Always remember the law of humility.


Focus on what you can control and you will be fine.


Make sure to be at peace with yourself and with the world.

Are you at peace with yourself?​

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