Law of Comp

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Everyone fails, including the successful among us.


Everyone has their own.


The trick is to make sure that you know your strength and play to it. 

The beauty of competitive advantage is that applies to everything.


The law of competitive advantage dictates that if we all do what we do best, then everyone will win. 


Think about a business, a small business where there are a few team members. 


If people are not doing what they're very good at, overall, the business is not going to do very well. 


However, if a team is aligned and everyone is doing what, they're really strong at, what they're really good at, the entire team wins. 

This exists not only for businesses of any size, but it exists for countries and economies all around the world. 


There's no point in a country that doesn't have any oil reserves to want to produce oil. It's going to be pretty tough.  

However,  if a country such as Canada or Saudi Arabia wants to produce oil, they have natural strengths that they can use. 

So always remember, operate in the law of competitive advantage and you'll see your success get even higher.


Everyone has a strength that they can do better than most people. 

Marketing, swimming, investing are only a few areas where you could have a competitive advantage over someone else. 


The question is how do you find yours and take advantage of it?

What is your competitive advantage?

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25 February 2019

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