Law of accelerated failure

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Everyone fails, including the successful among us.


Bill Gates. Steve Jobs. Warren Buffet.


They have all failed and made the most of out it. 


The question is not if you will fail but when. 


The law of accelerated failure dictates that in order to succeed, you ultimately have to go through failures. 


Every millionaire and billionaire, when you read their autobiographies, discusses the tougher times that they had, but they also realize that unless they went through those tough times, they would not have reached the level of success that they ultimately did. 


So the idea here is to fail fast.

As a real estate investor failing might mean making offers that don't get accepted, that's fine. 


At least you take action. 


You shoot the puck in a business, it might mean testing out some different marketing ideas, different headlines, different website copy.


Some of them will work, some of them won't. It's okay. 


It's the law of accelerated failure. 


So ultimately, if you want to succeed, learn how to fail quickly.


Learning how to fail quickly and learn from your mistakes is among the top skills anyone can learn. 


If you have had failures recently don’t beat yourself up over it. 


The important thing is what you take away from the experience and how you can apply its lessons.

What is your greatest failure? Did you learn anything from it? 

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25 February 2019

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