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How do you know when you are right and when you are wrong?


I want to talk to you about the word intuition, otherwise known as a gut feeling.


How do you develop intuition?

In my experience of almost 25 years as an entrepreneur and nearly 15 years as a real estate investor, I've come to realize that I can rely on my intuition. There are specific projects or choices that I can make which might not work out very well.


I have no substantial evidence one way or the other that something would work out. But when that intuition creeps up it is the result of years and years of experience.

Before you make any plans or think of going in a certain direction I encourage you to rely on your intuition or gut feel.  


For example, if a potential project or colleague does not feel right just say no. 
So I want you always to develop it and cultivate your intuition over time. 

Do you know when to say yes or no?​

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