How to become a genius

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If you look in the dictionary genius is usually defined as someone who possess great intelligence, intellect or other natural ability. 


So let's talk about the word genius.


I believe that every human being on earth is a genius at something.


Most of us are not encouraged to find something we excel at or explore our hidden genius. We have been pre-programmed from various people in our lives, usually parents or teachers, that we do not possess genius.


So how do you do find your genius? 


It requires a lot of digging.


It takes some searching.

There are some people in the world such as Tiger Woods and LeBron James, for example, who know at a very young age that they excel at something.


They spend a lot of their time and energy and effort becoming even better at it. 


But for the rest of us, it takes a little work. 


I encourage you to do a lot of searching to find your strengths. 
Usually, your genius will come from what is an untapped natural talent. 


One helpful resource to help you discover what you excel at is the Kolbe A™Index.  Visit their site at and take one of their tests.


Try it today.

What do you have to lose?​

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