Clarity in your goals

Financial Preparation

Everyone has goals. 


The question is how do you achieve them?


I am going to talk about the word clarity. 


When you are clear on what it is you want to achieve, reaching your goals becomes a lot easier. 


This might be very difficult for some people early on because the saying, is “Don't think of your goals. Think from your goals.”


When you close your eyes and visualize your goals, you should imagine already having achieved what it is that you want.


Whatever goal it is. 

Let's say you wanted to buy a villa in the Caribbean. 


When you close your eyes and visualize it, you may not have the money today to buy it.


You may not have any clue where you want to buy it, but you should close your eyes and visualize where it is and what it feels like.


What does the ocean breeze hitting your face feel like? 


What does it smell like? 


What do you see when you're actually looking from your goals? 


It's a beneficial exercise.  


Remember, think from your goals, don’t think about your goals.

What do you want to achieve in life?  What do you want to achieve in life and can you visualize it?

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