An abundant attitude

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Do you feel like there are only finite resources in this world and you are not getting your fair share?​


If so, that is the wrong way to think about life.


Today, I'm going to talk about an abundance attitude. 


When I was a younger guy, I didn't even know what abundance was.


I also didn't quite know what scarcity meant, but I did find that I was having a scarcity type of attitude.


 I thought that if I didn't get that sale in business, then someone else would get and then that would be it. 


There'd be no more sales. 


This is the furthest thing from the truth. 

Abundance should be your natural state. 


Let's put it this way:  If you go to any ocean and take water out of it, there's still lots of water left.


I want you to think about that when it comes to money, love and other resources that you may have. 


The only thing we're maybe not abundant in is our time.


And that is still something that's within our control.


 Remember to have abundance as your natural state.


Life has so much in abundance and it is up to us to see it for what is.

How do you see life?​

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25 February 2019