About Prepared Fathers


After my wife suddenly and unexpectedly passed away in 2014, I was the executor of her will/estate.


Since I was educated as a professional accountant and being an entrepreneur and real estate investor for over 25 years, I thought I was prepared for this role.


I wasn’t.


Certain account information, passwords and location of her safe deposit box keys were all unknown to me. On top of the mourning her loss, I was frustrated with the difficulty of navigating the executor role. While going through the process, I had very uneasy questions for myself:

  • What if it was me that passed away and she was left to handle all of the above?
  • How would she have been able to handle everything, given that she was always inwardly focused on the family and didn’t have much idea about our financial picture and details?

I started asking other fathers about this same scenario. The answers were not positive.

So many brilliant men doing brilliant things, yet almost none of them could say that their families most important financial information would be easily found.


Many of them did not even have a will.


I soon realized this has to change…Dealing with a loved one’s passing is difficult enough.


The sadness will be there... The mourning process will take time.

Because ultimately, your family will HAVE TO deal with the “financial stuff”..


I want you to make it easier for them.


That is how “Prepared Fathers” was born.


We believe Prepared Fathers are Better Fathers.


Jay Gabrani

Founder of Prepared Fathers


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