Life changed pretty drastically in Mid March 2020 for a lot of people...


On Thursday, March 12th - I got a notice from my kid's schools that they are shutting down for the self-isolation break...


I understood why but I had a question for myself as a parent: "What am I going to do with my kids during this isolation break so that we stay safe but sill be productive?"


Later that evening, I took this picture of my son Jaiden in bed watching his phone and eating a bag of chips in an unmade bed.


Then I thought to myself... there is no way this is going to happen during the isolation break... Then I had a light bulb moment! I asked my teens, "Would you like me to teach you about finance and investing during the isolation break?"


To my surprise, they both said YES.

My daughter Sereena asked if some of her friends could join us… I said, “Of course!” So we decided to organize a short training program for Teenagers called the Teen Personal Finance Masterclass.


We ran the first version of the Teen Personal Finance Masterclass and we got wonderful testimonials and feedback from parents and teenagers...


Let me ask you a question: Even though we learned things like the Pythagorean theorem, read Shakespeare and possibly learned a language in high school, why were we never trained on everyday financial matters like keeping a budget, doing our taxes, and making smart investment choices?


After all, right behind oxygen, isn’t money a necessary element of life?


The answer to the above question is still a bit confusing for me.


When I ask my children's teachers about this, I usually get a blank stare.


I personally am not relying on the education system to teach my children about important financial matters.


At young ages, they are being taught the value of saving money for their future selves, how best to organize their financial papers and ultimately how to intelligently earn and invest their money.


After all, the best way to secure our family’s financial future is through education and taking action.